Star Trek: Picard | Season 1 | Episode 1 Recap

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The story begins about twenty years after the movie Star Trek: Nemesis, where Commander Data sacrifced himself in order to save, then Captain, Jean-Luc Picard. Many things have happened in those twenty years that has forced him to retire from StarFleet.

In the opening minutes of the show, we see Picard and Data, on the Enterprise-D, playing poker. Things turn dark when Picard realizes that they are now orbiting Mars and then, the planet explodes and wakes Picard from his dream. We learn that he has lived in his Chateau for the past few years. With him are Laris (Orla Brady) and Zhaban (Jamie McShane), two ex-Romulan spies. We learn that many years ago, the Federation had learned that the Romulan sun would go supernova, meaning the death of millions of lives. Picard mounted an impressive rescue mission, to relocate them to other worlds. However, just as they were about to send the fleet, the synths (previously called androids) attacked Mars and destroyed the fleet. The result of this unprecented attack was a ban on all synths accross the galaxy. Something that Picard refused to accept and resigned over.

We then meet Dahj (Isa Briones), who is having a fun night with her boyfriend, until intruders materialize in her appartment and kills him. They knock her around, and just when they are about to knock her out, something happens and while blindfolded, she is able to subdue and kill all the attackers. Realizing what just happened she starts to panick, however she see’s an image in her mind of Admiral Jean-Luc Picard.

Back at the Chateau. Picard is about to give his first interview since the Romulan star going supernova. Zhanam assures Picard they would not mention Mars or the reason he left Starfleet. However, the interviewer decides to pursue this line of questionning and Picard admits to have left cause Starfleet was no longer Starfleet and that they abandonned all principles when they renegated in helping the Romulans.

Dahj, still shaken by the events, see’s the broadcast of Picard and immediately goes to him. She asks him if he knows her and that she feels like she knows him. Picard and Laris help her heal from her wounds and provides her with shelter.

Later, Picard awakens from a dream of Data painting. He turns around and realizes that Data’s painting of about 30 years ago might hold a clue on what is going on with Dahj. However, Laris informs him the girl is gone.

He decides to go and verify his archives at Starfleet. He finds the painting and it’s a perfect match to Dahj. Shocked he asks to recall the name of the painting, turns out it’s “Daughter”.

He leaves the archives and comes face to face with Dajh who is startingt to panick and be concerned with her abilities. Picard reassures her that Data was a loyal and trusted friend that died to save him. Just as she is starting to accept the fact that she is a synth, they are attacked by Romulans and she is killed.

Distraught, Picard goes to Daystrom to have answers and he meets with Agnes Jurati (Alison Pill). At first she says it’s impossible to have a live like human synth and reminds Picard that noone is authorized to create them. He then shows the necklace. She reveals that Maddox had a theory that all of Data’s memories can be stored in one single neuron. She also reveals that they are created in pairs. Picard realizes she has a twin.

We meet that twin on a Borg cube that is inert. A Romulan research facility as taken over and are extracing Borg technology from the surviving drones, who are now called xB’s. Dajh’s twin, Soji, is introduced to a mysterious Romulan named Narek (Harry Treadaway).


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