Star Trek: Picard | Season 1 | Episode 2 Recap

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In the second episode of the season, we see that Narek (Harry Treadaway) as cozied up with Soji and are sleeping together. We get to see what the Borg cube is being used for. The Romulans are reclaiming the Borg technology in order to either study it or sell it. Soji works in extracting the mechanical of dead drones.

Picard is determined to save the other sister and enlist and old doctor friend to clear him for intergalactic duty. However he comes with grim news about a disease that he was diagnosed with over twenty years ago.

Armed with that knowledge, he requests to speak with Starfleet Admiral Clancy. It is clear that she is still very bitter from his resignation years ago and the public tongue lash fromt he broadcast the day before. Picard explains why he needs a ship and crew, but he his quite literally told to go home and never come back.

Desperate, he contacts an old collegue, Raffi, on hopes in acquiring a ship to rescue the other twin.

Laris tells Picard that the Zhat Vash might be responsible for the murder of Dahj, telling him they have a primal fear and loathing for everything that is synthetic.

We also see in this episode that the synth, F8 (played by Alex Diehl) sabotaged the Mars defense systems and ultimately was the cause of the ban on synths.

Admiral Clancy contacts Commodore Oh (Tamlyn Tomita) to advise her of Picard’s visit. She then calls for a lieutenant and it is clear that they are both part of the conspiracy that Picard tried to warn Starfleet about. Commodore Oh is quite displeased with the fact that the first synth was destroyed before learning the location of the rest of their kind. She tells Narissa (Peyton List) to make sure Narek gets results, or else.


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