Star Trek: Picard | Season 1 | Episode 5 Recap

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In this episode, the crew, with Seven of Nine, reach Freecloud. The plan is to get to Maddox before the Tal Shiar gets him. So they devise costumes and a ruse to get to him, with the help of Seven Of Nine.

We flash back at a few years before, where we see Icheb having his implants violently removed. Seven arrives and he begs her to kill him, since he would not survive. It is revealed that the person responsible, a women named Bjayzl had tricked Seven into letting her know about Icheb. She was to be next to have them removed, but Seven escaped.

All is going as planned until Bjayzl realized the ex-Borg being traded for Maddox is Seven. It his hinted that they might of had a romantic relationship. Picard advocates that revenge is meaningless and won’t satisfy her at the end, she relunctantly lets her go and they beam back to the ship with Maddox.

Raffi, who has left the group, attempts to reconnect with her son. However, Gabriel is not interested in anything she has to say and sends her on their way.

While alone with Maddox, Agnes tells him she wishes he knew what she now knows. She then without explanation, kills him.

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