Teen Wolf | Season 2 episodes 8 & 9 review

Warning: This article contains spoilers from a recent episode.

In these action packed episodes, Allison betrays Jackson and Scott by revealing to her father who the Kanina is. All parties comes up with a plan, two to capture and one to kill Jackson. After all the plans failing, Jackson reaches his victim and kills her. Lydia’s hallucinations become worst when she is ordered to host a birthday party on the last full moon of Winter. Derek attempts to prevent his friends of turning and chains them. Allison’s mom attacks Scott and attempts to kill him, but is rescued by Derek who bites her. Allison’s grand-father tells his son that if she does not commit suicide he will do it. She attempts to have one last conversation with her daughter, but as the full moon approaches she realizes she is out of time. With the help of her husband, Victoria stabs herself and dies in his arms. The gang is poisoned by Lydia and start to hallucinate. We see a heartbreaking scene where Stiles father blames him for everything that went wrong in their lives, and blames him for her death. The gang discover Matt is the one controlling Jackson. Lydia renders Derek unconscious and brings him to his uncle’s corpse and with the power of the moon, resurrecting Paul.




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The Plan
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