Law & Order SVU Season 10 Episode 3

In the third episode of the 10th season of Law & Order SVU, a very special episode dedicated to mental health issues, Stabler is in for a surprise when a break-in involves his daughter. Struggling to understand what is going on with her, he attempts to downplay the events with the house owners who quickly discover that he is covering for his daughter. After finding her OD’d, the doctors diagnose her with Bi-Polar disorder. In an attempt to avoid jail, he tries to get her in a psychological hold, however she refuses to go and his sent to jail. The home owners file a complaint accusing her of stealing a diamond necklace, making things worse. Realizing that he cannot help her he finds and returns the necklace to its owners in order to have his daughter arrested and in jail. This does not sit well with his wife, or Olivia. Olivia reaches out to Stabler’s mother, who is also bi-polar but untreated, and convinces her to visit her grand-daughter. After the visit, the girl pleads guilty and promises to commit to a help center to have her condition treated, to the shock and relief of her father. 

Law & Order: SVU