Law & Order SVU Season 10 episode 2 recap

In the second episode of the 10th season, Olivia is thrown into a loop when a young man gives himself up for having pedophile intentions for his half-brother. They interview a sex-offender that runs a website. Later, Detective Stabler loses it when the picture of his young daughter on the website and beats the owner up. He is suspended. The step brother tells the police he was molested, but the psychologist (played by Stephen Schnetzer) advised that the kid was coached. They find semen that they first believe is from the pedophile but then learn it is from the step-dad. He confessed to pleasing himself in private and tossing the towel with his semen in the clothes bin. Later the mother (played by Teri Pollo) finds her son stabbed to death. At first they believe it is the step-dad, but later learn it was the owner of the website that killed him. 

Law & Order: SVU