Teen Wolf | Season 2 episodes 1 to 7 Review

Warning: This article contains spoilers from a recent episode.

The second season of this show is so good and intense that I went on a five episodes’ binge watch. We learn during these episodes that a new enemy as surfaced that is killing seemingly random people. They discover a rare species, almost reptilian, the Kanima is responsible for the killings. Derek decides it must be killed and seeks out to find out who it is. He turns two new Werewolves, awkward Erica and lonely abused teen Boyd. Scott is not pleased that he his willingly putting their lives in danger by recruiting new Werewolves, especially with Allison’s grandfather Gerard declaring war on them. At first Derek believes Lydia is the Kanima and vows to kill her, he sends Erica and Boyd after her. Scott, Stiles and Allison realize that in human form, the Kanima does not remember what happened. They vow to protect Lydia, without telling her the truth. She is annoyed by everyone’s behavior. Jackson, who was seen seemingly rejecting the Wolf bite, films himself on a full moon. Upon reviewing the tape, he see’s nothing happened and gets even more angry. Later, one of his best friends notices something about the video. Danny tells Jackson and new kid Matt, who was the one that owned the camera, the video was edited with two hours missing. While he aggree’s to protect Lydia with Scott and the rest of the gang, he angrily accuses her of deleting the footage and demands his key back. Heartbroken she gives him back the keys and the two kiss. The attack begins and we learn at that moment that Jackson is the Kanima. Scott and the gang try to make sense and find out what to do to save him or save the innocents that he will kill. In the meantime, Lydia meets a new neighbor that is not shying away about being attracted to her. After a few violent hallucinations at school, she welcomes the distraction. She goes to the house to find its completely abandoned. They share a kiss and she realizes that the placed is broken down and she is kissing the man that bit her. Derek’s uncle. Realizing the whole thing was one big hallucination, she breaks down in tears while her hallucination tells her how he plans to use her. We realize she was drawn to Derek’s house, that was burned down by Allison’s aunt. Stiles and Scott kidnap Jackson and chain him in a prisoner’s van. At first, he refuses to believe it. He then see’s it for himself and overhears how nobody cares if he dies or not, except for Scott who reminds Stiles that things could have been a lot deadlier if he was not there for him. While Allison and Scott get intimate, Jackson escapes and tells his laywer father about the kidnapping, resulting in Scott and Stiles being in a world of trouble and Jackson getting a restraining order. Allison decides to talk to him, but he violently lashes out at her and calls her a bitch for being in love with Scott. We realize that he his not in control, but Allison is too late to warn Scott who attacks him and the two get into an epic fight. Allison’s mother, who is now a teacher at the school, with Allison’s grand-father the principal tells Scott that it is getting increasingly difficult for her to cover up the fact there are Werewolves in school. The gang is attacked once again in the library leaving Matt injured. We learn that someone is controlling Jackson and that he his seeking revenge for his biological’s parents death that we also learn was suspicious at best.




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