Star Trek: Picard | Season 1 | Episode 6 Recap

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In this episode, Jurati struggles with what she has done and sleeps with Rios to numb the pain. Narek discovers that Soji as a recurring nightmare that might be a clue on where her home planet is. Picard is relunctant in boarding the artifact.

Raffi uses her connections to get a diplomatic permission for Picard to board the Borg cube. Picard has strong feelings about what the Borg did to him all those years ago. Elnor wants to go with Picard, but he refuses.

Narek lets it slip that all her calls with Soji’s mother last 17 seconds and finds it suspicious. Determined to get the bottom of it she calls her mother and realizes that it’s true. She starts running scans on her stuff and memories only to realize that everything is barely three years old. Narek takes this oppurtunity to guide her in a special meditating technique, where she unwillingly reveals details of her home world. Narek locks her in the room and relases toxic gas to kill her. This activates Soji and she escapes.

Picard is reunited with Hugh. Picard ask him to take her to Soji, only to find her room in a mess. Hugh tries to locate her but says that she is going at speeds that are impossible and Picard states she was activated. They reunite with her and Hugh brings them in a secret room, the Queen’s room, where a special transporter device can transport them anywhere. Elnor appears and rescues Picard. Picard tells Rios to meet them at Nephante and they all leave, except for Elnor and Hugh who will stay behind.

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