Star Trek: Picard | Season 1 | Episode 9 Recap

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In this episode, Picard and the rest of the crew manages to arrive to Soji’s planet before the Romulans. However, they might come at anytime. Narek arrives and attacks the ship. Then, commanded by Seven Of Nine, the Borg cube also arrives.

However, during the attack,the planet sends huge orchids, a defensive system, and grabs the ship and the Borg. The cube crashes on the surface, but the Serena manages to be intact, however without power.

The gang decide to go to the Borg queue to see if Hugh and Elenor survived. Before leaving, after passing out on the bridge, Picard informs everyone of his terminal condition.

They arrive at the Borg cube and are pleasently surprised to see Elnor, and Seven Of Nine. That informs him of Hugh’s death. Picard asks if they can have access to scanners.

Raffi learns that 218 Romulan ships are on their way to destroy the planet. After meeting the other synths, they realize that they cannot mount a defense. The plan is to have everyone board the ship.

After learning that Jurati killed Maddox following a mind meld, one of the synths, who looks an awful lot like Soji, offers to mind meld, thinking that the message might of been meant for synthetic life, thus the reason have lost their minds.

Following the mind meld, Narek is captured. He attempts to talk his way out, but Soji let’s him know that his manipulations won’t work and leaves. Sutra, who performed the mind meld, comes to him and free’s him. Murdering one of the synths in the process.

Following all those events, Sutra reveals they are building a beacon to summon a higher synthetic being that will protect them from the opressors. Picard is taken in to house arrest, and Jurati convinces the synths to let her help.

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