Star Trek: Picard | Season 1 | Episode 8 Recap

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Picard returns to the ship and presents Soji to Rios, who has a hard time believing she is there. He exibits a strange reaction and tells Picard after they get to Deep Space 12, he his on his own and retreat to his quarters.

Raffi has concerns about how Picard just trust people, espicially since Jurati had a tracker and killed Maddox. Shocked, Picard questions why she would betray them that way.

Raffi starts investigating Rios’weird behavior and she learns piece by piece that his former Captain killed himself. He later tells them that the Captain had received a direct order to kill the two diplomats her the ship would be destroyed, and then killed himself out of guilt. He shares with Raffi a drawing the former Captain did of the diplomats, and it was a dead ringer for Soji,called Jana.

Back on the cube, Seven Of Nine rescues Elnor and learns of Hugh’s fate. She takes command of the cube, but Narissa murdered the XB’s and sent all the remaining drones into the vaccuum of space. The Romulans advise Narissa they have the coordinates of the synths homeworld.

Frustrated of learning of Jana’s fate, Soji takes over the ship and sets a course for her home. Picard reasons with her and tells the others they will do it her way and hopefully get there in time to warn them. They enter a bord transwarp hub.

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Star Trek: Picard

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