Star Trek: Picard | Season 1 | Episode 3 Recap

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In the third episode, Raffi and Jean-Luc have a heart to heart about what happened 14 years ago, and it is clear that she has not forgiven him from vanishing from her life. After the attack on Mars, orchestrated bu rogue F8 synths (played by Alex Diehl), the Federation abandonned the plans to rescue the Romulans from the supernova. Picard gave the federation a choice, continue with the rescue effortsor accept his resignation. They accepted the resignation. Raffi belived that a Romulan faction called the Tal Shiar was behind the attack.

She tells Picard a pilot will be in contact with him.

Back on the Borg cube, Soji is authorized by Hugh (guest star Jonathan Del Arco) to visit with a Romulan that was of the last ones to be assimilated by the Cube. She visits with Ramdha (Rebecca Wisocky) and realizes that she knows more about what happened on this cube. Soji even surprises herself with knowledge about the Romulan ship that was assimilated, much to Hugh’s surprise. However things turn weird when Ramdha says she knows who Soji are and demands to know witch one she was, the sister that dies or lives and calls her the destroyer of Worlds.

Picard meets with Rios and his various holograms (all played by the brilliant Santiago Cabrera). Picard points out that he feels that Rios is all Starfleet but he warns him to either get another pilot and stay out of his head.

Back at Chateau Picard, Jean-Luc is bidding farewell to Laris when they are attacked by the same Romulans that killed Dahj. Doctor Jurati (Alison Pill) kills the last guard and advises Picard that Commodore Oh visited her and she told them about their visit. She also demands to be part of the mission to rescue the other synth.

Back on the cube, Narek increases his manipulation of Soji by telling her he is falling in love with her.

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