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It’s been a few days since the premiere of “Teen Wolf: The Movie” on Paramount + and I have already watched it many, many times. The movie is truly a gift to the fans, it was as if the series never ended, it was just like a new episode. There are dozens of great things that has happened during the 2 hour movie, and a few things that I would of changed, or done differently.

The main plot point, is the return of Crystal Reed, in the role of Allison Argent.  The question, for the most part of the movie, is she really her? On the show, she has been dead for fifteen years. She starts off by starting to attack Scott and the others, not remembering that they are her friends. 

Allison is being manipulated by a being, that is hell bent on getting revenge on Scott and the others. We are first re-introduced to Liam, who is in Japan with new player, Hikari Zhang (Amy Lin Workman).  The details during the movie suggest they are close, but there is no hint of any romantic entanglement. An enemy enters the restaurant and demands to have a jar that contains a dangerous and unpredictable entity, who works with whoever wants Scott and the others dead.

We learn that Lydia (Holland Roden) is now in charge of this big tech company, but the details are brief. She is distracted by memories of her friend Allison, to a point where she enters her name multiple times in an official document. She later starts drawing like she used to do in the series.

We see that Scott as moved from Beacon’s hill, and running a veterinary clinic with Alan Deaton (Seth Gilliam).  They just rescued a girl and a dog, and while closing the clinic, a women knocks and Scott is shocked to see it’s Allison, however she vanishes before he can react. I just recently re-watched the pilot, and it was the exact dialogue Allison made when she accidentally hit a dog. Then, someone else from his past makes an appearance, none other than Chris Agent (JR Bourne). He tells Scott and Alan that he started years ago having flashes and nightmares about Allison. But two weeks ago, he started actually seeing her. He then tells them he believes she is stuck between life and death and never fully crossed over.

Lydia and Scott meet where Allison died to retrieve the dirt she died on, in order to do the ritual to bring her back. They go back to the house, where everyone is surprise to see Jackson (Colton Haynes). He manages to place the drawings Lydia made and reveals that it’s a sacred tree. 

As Lydia, Malia and Scott search for the tree, they stumble upon Eli (Vince Mattis), who is following them. He explains that he dream walks and has seen the tree and points them in the right direction. After they get to the tree, Malia makes it clear to Eli to go away and not mention any of this to Derek (Tyler Hoechlin). The tree activates itself and the sword that killed Allison enters the tree and vanishes.  After a few seconds, nothing happens.  As they are about to leave, Allison appears. 

The gang rushes her to the hospital in total disbelief. They run into Scott’s mother, Melissa (Melissa Ponzio) that cannot believe her eyes. They bring her in a room and tells the gang that she is healthy and normal, despite being dead and cremated 15 years ago. While talking, Scott realizes she left and the gang all search for her.  She attacks Scott and demands to speak with Derek Hale, who she refers to as the Alpha.  Determined to get thru to her, Scott attempts to stop her. But she escapes the hospital.

During that time, Alan visits Chris and starts asking odd questions, like riddles. After a few, we see that Chris as been possessed by whatever was released in Japan. They are however unable to warn Scott and Lydia to not go thru the ritual.

They are able to determine that one of the effects of being brought back to life is possibly memory loss. But there is also the possibility that she might not be her at all.  Scott refuses to believe that and is determined to prove otherwise.

Eli and Derek are at the high school where Eli injured himself during the game. Derek tells him he can heal, but Eli still refuses to learn. Just then they are attacked.  Derek fights with the attacker and realizes to his shock that it’s Allison. She manages to injure him severely but is rescued from certain death by Liam and Hikari. She goes after Eli.

At the house, Peter (Ian Bohen) is there to great his son and daughter and comment on the fact that they don’t even know what they summoned. He heals Derek by burning the poison out of him. Scott goes after Allison and also to protect Eli.  Derek says they had a plan in cases where something would happen and that he would be at the Hale garage.

Eli manages to arrive at the garage, but Allison also.  Scott arrives and distracts her long enough for Eli to run.  Still having issues running because of his ankle, Scott forces him to heal by screaming loudly. They both go into the woods, with Allison still pursuing.  He tells Eli to run and that he would try to reason with Allison.

Allison refuses to speak with him, so he decides to prove to her that she is wrong and fatally stabs himself. He says now that he his dying, she can finally listen to him. He notices a hint of regret coming from her.  She bring him to the school, as bait. He continues to ask her about her past and she begins to remember hints of her life. But it’s when she see’s a photo of them together that she believes, and heals him with a burning flame on his wound.

During that time, the entire gang is attacked, and Derek, Sheriff Stilinksi, Mason, Liam, Eli and Hikari all appear to have been killed, but they vanished.  We discover that they are in an alternate reality, created by their capture, and they will be forced to watch people die. The enemy takes a keen interest in Eli and decides to send him back.  Stilinsky notices that Derek did not change into Wolf mode in from of Eli. He tells them that when he was young, in order to protect him, he turned and frightened Eli, and believes that is the reason he his refusing to turn into a wolf.

Lydia and Jackson investigate the first forest fire and discover that the reason they were lit was to turn the trees to mountain ash, who creates a barrier for supernatural beings.

Scott and Eli realize they are trapped in the stadium, with thousands of people watching the game. Jackson and Lydia realize that a long believed dead teacher, victim of one of their enemies, is the one that unleashed the evil being and wants revenge.

Scott realizes the only way to defeat him, is for him to die in Alisson’s arms, shot by an arrow. He agrees to the horror of Alisson and the others.  Lydia screams for the first time in years and the force of it makes Allison remember everything. Scott insists it’s the only way and Alisson shoots him multiple times.  But it is revealed to have been a ploy to distract him, as the fire fox of Hikari protected Scott.  Jordan uses his fire power to attempt to kill him, but he needs to be held in place.  Both Scott and Derek are holding him, and Scott asks Derek to let go. However, he pushes him off and asks him to take care of his son, Eli.  They both vanish in ashes.

The movie ends with everyone reunited for Derek’s memorial. Scott and Allison makes plan for a future together.

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