Arrow | Season 1 | Episode 4 recap

In this episode Oliver offers Dig a position with him, who declines because he believes the vigilante is a murderer. Oliver also believes that a man that is set to be executed for murdering is wife is innocent and that the victims boss, who is on the list, is responsible. Oliver’s alter ego approaches Laurel and pleads with her to take the case. When her father discovers that she went along with the vigilante he becomes upset. The bad guys set up a prison riot to have the innocent man killed, while Laurel is there interviewing them. Oliver slips in and saves the day but nearly kills someone that attacked Laurel. She stops him. She later tells her father she saw no remorse in is eyes. In a flashback we see Oliver being forced to kill a bird in order to eat. The person keeping him prisoner advises him he will not survive on the island and it wont be the last thing he kills. Oliver’s mother new husband finds a large sum of money missing and she explains it away. Laurel’s father finds video footage that might prove that Oliver is the hooded vigilante and proceeds to arrest him.