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In the season finale of Star Trek:Picard, Jurati finds a way to free Picard and get back to the ship. Rios and Raffi, with the help of Elnor and Narek infiltrate the synth based in order to destroy the array.

Picard and Jurati discover that the Romulan fleet as arrived. Picard decides to go in space to show by example what having life and choice means. Dr. Soong realizes Sutra killed the other synth in an effort to scare the synth in taking this action. He desactivates her and the other attempt to destroy the array. However, Soji stops them and is even more convinced she is doing the right thing.

Seven and Narissa fight in the Borg Cube, in order to stop the Romulan agent from destroying Picard’s ship. Seven kills her to avenge Hugh.

At the very last second, a Starfleet armada appears commanded by Will Riker (Jonathan Frakes). Soji finaly realizes that what she is doing is wrong and destroys the array.

A few moments later, after Soji transports him and Jurati back on the planet Picard dies.

The crew mourns him.

Picard awakes in what appears to be his Ch√Ęteau, and his greeted by Data. Picard takes the oppurtunity to save what he never go to say. He then reveals to Picard that he his going back in a new body and that all his memories and experiences were transfered in a synthetic body. He expresses his wish to be deactivated, to basically die.

Back to life, he learns more about his body and honors his dear friend’s wishes.

Back on The Sirena, Picard and Rios, Raffi, Elnor,Jurati and Soji embark on a new course.

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