This is us | Season 1 | Episode 3 recap

Randall as the task to tell his mother that he has found his biological father. Back in the past we see Rebecca really struggling in accepting this child that she did not carry. We see William looking at her and Jack getting out of the hospital. Rebecca, while Jack and the kids are at the doctors office, attempts to find him and wants assurances he will not take the boy away. She admits having difficulties connecting with Kyle, the name they originally named him. William asks her to give him his own name.  He gives her a book from one of his favorite poets and she and Jack decide to call him Randall. Back in the present Rebecca warns William that if Randall ever knew she knew where he was all this time he would be devastated. He promises to not say a word about it. Kevin tells Kate they are moving to New York. Toby in unnerved cause she orbits her life around Kevin.

This is us