Law & Order SVU| Season 11 | Episode 1 recap

In the season 11 premiere of Law & Order: SVU, a detective comes across a rape victim and he contacts SVU. However, the detective in question Nick cannot leave the investigation since the victim would only talk with him, frustrating Olivia and Stabler. When details from the rape are similar to a case ten years ago, Stabler realizes that there is a good chance they convicted the wrong man. The new DA is out for blood and criticizes every move they make. When they find the correct person who raped the women both now and ten years ago, Stabler visits the wrongly convicted man and tells him he will be free soon. Nick offers to take the guilty party to another location, but the prisoner requests to use the bathroom. A few minutes a horrible crash is heard and the prisoner appears to have thrown out the window to his death below in the street. The DA informs Stabler that unfortunately that means the wrongly convicted man cannot be released, since they never charged the new one. 

Law & Order: SVU