This is us | Season 1 | Episode 4 recap

In this episode we discover how Kevin became who he his today. A day at the pool could of turned tragic when he almost drowns without anyone noticing, fueling his need to be seen and heard. We see how he did not get along with Randall. Rebecca is also in for a rude awakening when she discovers that Randall as been craving getting to know black people. The mother of one points out he needs a proper haircut. She later approaches her with the possibility that Randall plays with her son once in a while. Kate gets also a rude awakening when her friends tell her they do not want to play with her because of her weight. Jack and Rebecca are heartbroken. Back in the present we learn that Toby’s ex was almost a supermodel and Kate starts to stalk her online and even apply for a job at her boutique. Toby is not pleased and tells her how horrible that women was to her that almost drove him to suicide. Kevin’s first audition for a play goes badly when the potential co-star dislikes him. However, because he was the star of the a popular TV show, they give him the part.

This is us