Star Trek: Picard | Season 1 | Episode 4 Recap

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In the fourth episode of the series, Picard sets course to a Romulan resettlement planet named Vashti, that holds memories and ties for Picard. 14 years before, he promised to rescue the Romulans, however Starfleet, after the Mars attack, withdrew their help. Picard seeks the help of the Qowat Milat, who uses a practice called absolute candor, and they associate to hopeless causes. Picard realizes he needs help against the Tal Shiar. He his reunited with Elnor, who he visited when he was a boy. However, being the only man par of the Qowat Milat and having completed his training, the sisters ask Picard to ask him to join is cause.

While on the planet, angry Romulans attack Picard. Elnor saves the day, by killing them. Back safely on the ship, Picard advises him to never do that again except if Picard asks him too.

On the Borg cube, Soji begins to question Narek’s motives. He begins planting seeds of doubt, who does not impress his sister, Narissa. She gives him a week to get the location of the synth’s homeworld or she will take matter into her own hands.

While back on the ship, they are attacked by a Romulan ship. Another ship appears and helps them, but the ship is badly damaged and the pilot is beamed aboard.

To Jean-Luc’s shock, the pilot is no other then Seven Of Nine (Jeri Ryan).

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