VH1’s Daytime Diva Review

Warning: This article contains spoilers from a recent episode.

I have always loved Vanessa Williams. One of my favorite characters was when she played Wilhelmina Slater on Ugly Betty. Now she stars as Maxine Robinson on VH1’s Daytime Diva’s. If the title did not give you a hint, it’s brought to you by the same team that gave us Drop Dead Diva! And that was an amazing show!! This new show is about the on and off stage drama surrounding the ladies of a daytime talk show called “The Lunch Hour”.  In first minutes of the show, we establish that Maxine and Mo (played by the hilarious Tichina Arnold) are at odds and Mo finds any reason possible to bring her nemesis down. Even making the vagina joke she made go viral on the Internet. We also meet Kibby Ainsley (played by the beautiful Chloe Bridges) who is a former child star with issues with drugs and alcohol. It is later revealed that she is also bisexual. FYI to the casting of her girlfriend, they look like sisters, maybe recasting the character would be good, they look so much a like!  It is also revealed that her mother is blackmailing her. Next up with Christian Heather Flynn-Kellog (played by Fiona Gubelmann) who lives a secret life of repression and might be physically abused by her husband. Nina (played by Camille Guaty) is struggling two men, Maxine’s son and her husband. We are also really happy that Kristen Johnston will be joining the show as Maxine’s former assistant Anna.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the show. It’s funny and for some reason I had a feeling I watching Drop Dead Diva with a different cast. Love the feel of the show. But there is one negative, that might be nothing as the season continues, I feel there is too much behind the scenes going on at once. I know we are following the lives of all of them, but maybe this season should focus on one or two back stories and leave some for next season. Right now we have Heather’s possible abuse, Heather’s son wanting to be a girl, Mo’s blackmailed and blackmailing, Nina wanting a baby with one man and sleeping with another, Kibby’s drug addiction and mother from hell etc…  As you can see, that is quite a lot.

What are your thoughts about the show? Share them with us ! I will be tuning in next week for sure 🙂


















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