May TV Bloodbath…

Each year I am surprised by how vicious TV networks can be. This year is full of surprises and a lot of heart-break for fans. One of the biggest surprises (and I am really happy) is that FOX as renewed The Exorcist for a second season. Although there is no word if Geena Davis will be in it this time around, I am still surprised since all of us just assumed that it was cancelled. The second bit of good news arrived yesterday when NBC changed their minds about TIMELESS, that was cancelled earlier this week. Seems they underestimated the fan support for this show. The new 10 episode season will air in Summer of 2018.

I am a huge fan of CBS’ 2 Broke Girls, and after six hilarious season, the show as been cancelled. And quite at an opportune time, almost leaving us with a cliff hanger. Although said to have been a hard decision for CBS, ratings were the number one reason why the show got the boot. The show was often used to cover holes in their scheduling when others shows were not doing so well. To make matters even worse, is that the writers revealed that they planned on having Cher come by and play the very much mentioned but never seen before mother of Max Black. That would have been hilarious. The show aired its last episode last April.

Another one of my favorites show that got cancelled was The Catch. From Shonda Rhimes the show was used as filler between seasons of Scandal and I feel was never really included in the TGIT movement. I loved the show cause the acting was top-notch and made me discover my new favorite actress Mireille Enos. The second season had a lighter tone, more comedy and drama than its first darker season, but seems that the show did not catch (pun intended) the audience ABC wanted. A shame cause I feel that show would have been a great summer series to take over for the cancelled Mistresses.

Speaking of ABC, they made a few shocking decisions. Although six actors are not returning full-time (and some maybe at all), the network when ahead and ordered season seven of ONCE UPON A TIME. The network as cancelled The Real O’Neals, Secrets and Lies and Imaginary Mary.

Over at FOX, the following shows were cancelled APB, Making History, Pitch, Rosewood, Sleepy Hollow and  Son of Zorn. As mentioned before, The Exorcist will be returning. It has renewed The X-Files for an eleventh season.

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