Teen Wolf | Season 6 Episode 2 recap

Warning: This article contains spoilers from a recent episode.

The episode begins with Lydia and company attending high school. Liam and Scott practice, and Scott mentions that Liam sucks. However he his really good. Malia as sex with a random guy but she needs to spoon him like she did with Stiles. Mason and Corey witness the horseman’s but can’t remember exactly what happened. Liam and Corey make it clear they don’t like each other and Mason is not pleased with any of them. Lydia as waking nightmares but cannot make sense of them. Slowly each and everyone of them realize that someone is missing, but can’t figure out who. The real moment was when Parish tells Sheriff Stilinski that his wife is waiting for him, he all now she died many years ago and was also believed it was because of Stiles in some way. Scott remembers the night he was first bit by a werewolf but cannot remember with who he was that night. Lydia is put in trance and she spells out Stiles with Mischief words all over the page. Are they one step closer in finding out who he his?

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