Teen Wolf | Season 6 Episode 1 Recap

Warning: This article contains spoilers from a recent episode.

I am still very angry that we are in the last season of Teen Wolf. This show is amazing and I am not happy about the numbers it’s bringing. So come one people, if you were a fan at any point in time, it’s time to head over to MTV or MTV CANADA (see link below) and watch it. It’s worth it I guarantee it.

The episode begins with Hayden and Liam out on their first date. Car broke down, no spare tires. So they make out (like they do most of the episode!) and then a car comes crashing almost into them. No driver of passenger, but a scared kid begging them to keep him from being taking by him. Stiles, who really wants to find something supernatural, believes there is something off. So Scott does his wolf thing and see’s what the kid saw. A man on a horse with a gun shot the car and grabbed both his parents out of the car. The kid believes he his next. He even goes as far as too lock himself in a jail cell to feel safe. Lydia and Malia both believe it’s a good thing that nothing supernatural is going on. Scott and Stiles investigate the address the boy gave them but most of the rooms in the house are empty, as if it was never ever occupied. Except for the boys room. Stiles notices pictures of the boy but the parents are no where to be found in the picture. Scott hears a noise and leaves Stiles for a moment. At the school, the new teacher impresses the girls and Mason’s boyfriend. They notice that all their GPS are acting weird and unable to find the North. Mason points out the professor as a real compass in the cabinet and the gang steals it and follows it to see where it leads. It leads them directly to the same house that Stiles and Scott are in. Stiles sees something move under the bed and when he looks, he see’s horses legs. When leaving the room, he see’s the man with the horse that begins to shoot at him. At that same moment, the compass Mason is holding cracks. The gang go see what happens and when they enter the room, everything of Alex’s is gone. They go back to the sheriff’s department and nobody as any memory of who they are talking about. Lydia senses something is wrong and figures out with Stiles that it’s the Ghost Riders that are wiping people out of existence. The text they find basically says if you saw one of them, your already doomed. Stiles starts to realize that people like Mason, Hayden and Liam don’t remember him, even his own father does not remember him. In the final moments of the episode, realizing that only Lydia remembers him, he lets himself be taken and begs Lydia to remember him. The next morning Lydia arrives at school with the sensation she forgot something important.

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