B&B Sheila’s back! Now what?

It is really rare in this day of age to keep anything under wraps. But B&B managed to do so when they surprised fans a few weeks ago with the re-appearance of Kimberlin Brown in the role of Sheila Carter. Last seen on the B&B in 2003, there is a few questions that needs to be answered, especially for Y&R fans.

In 2006, Michelle Stafford stepped in the role of Sheila Carter (and portraying her normal role of Phyllis on the show). She explained she had plastic surgery to look like her to better get close to Lauren. As we recall, Lauren shot and killed faux-Phyllis. Meaning, Sheila would be dead.

Then there is the case of Sheila’s never mentioned or seen before Sarah Smythe who had plastic surgery to look like Lauren Fenmore. She claimed that Daisy Carter and Ryder Callahan are Sheila’s kids. This would be in addition to Mary (who came back to B&B as Erica) and the daughter she had with Massimo Marone.

Well Sheila addressed some rumors of her assuming another identity, no explanation was given to who was really pretending to be Sheila and why?

What do you guys think of all that ?


















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