First impression of Batwoman Season 2

Last summer, Ruby Rose, who starred as Batwoman at the time, announced that she was leaving the series.  This sent shockwaves since she had the titular role.  Over time, a decision was made to create a new character that would take the role of Batwoman in season two.  A search began to find a queer actress to bring new life to the role.  Javicia Leslie was chosen to wear the cape.  Fans were happy and Ruby Rose was also happy with the decision.  One of the major reasons for Rose’s departure was injuries she got on set.  But the question remained, how would they address the total absence of Rose’s Kate Kane?  The answer was offered incredibly early in the episode.  A plan crash and her batsuit in the wreckage was our answer. But the show was even more clever, they made Javicia’s character wanting revenge on Alice, securing her status as the shows primary villain. Ryan’s backstory was quickly revealed and the reason she is holding on to the batsuit was made very clear from the get-go.  The other twist, fake-Bruce Wayne has the Kryptonite and wants the suit back.  Luckily, Jullia can sense a fake and reveals to the team that Bruce Wayne is not who he claims to be.

The writers and producers have made quite an impression, keeping the tone of the show the same, the goal the same, just with a different character.

The question remains?  Will they kill off Kate, recast, or can we persuade Ruby Rose to come and close he story arc?