The Closer | Season 1 | Episode 1 Recap

Warning: This article contains spoilers from a recent episode.

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In the series opener of the series, they investigate the murder of a young women. New deputy-chief Johnson starts on the wrong foot with the others in her new division. The Chief of Operations decided to hire her in order to increase the convictions they get. Captain Taylor is angry he was passed over the position of deputy-chief but Pope will not back down. She be-friends newbie David Gabriel to drive her around L.A.  They discover that their primary suspect turns out to be an imposter. Pope tells Brenda that almost all the squad wanted to be transferred out of her department. She tells Pope not to worry, once they see her in action, they will not want to leave. Pope and Taylor clash over Brenda again. Brenda is upset that Pope is screwing with her life and authority. He assures her that he’s on her side but she is not buying it. Gabriel tells Brenda she is taking things too personally about the transfers and to give Taylor a chance. Brenda responds that she does not make friends based on others people comments. Gabriel tells Brenda he has difficulties figuring out what she wants from him.  They figure out that Dr. Collier and Alana (the victim) was the same person. The assistant was the murderer.

The Closer

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