The Flash | Season 3 Episode 20 Recap

Warning: This article contains spoilers from a recent episode.

It was a reveal of all reveals, after about 20 episodes we finally learned the identity of Savatar. But when you realize who it is, you cannot help but wonder how you did not discover it before. The answer was told to us many many times during the season. Even in the previous episode where Barry goes to the future it is also almost spelled out for us. The episode begins with them finding Tracy, a brilliant scientist that in four years from the present invents the prison Savatar escaped from. Obviously they need to find a way to stop Savatar now and go and see her. However, Killer Frost, who knows the identity of Savatar by now, is ordered to go and kill her. Cisco as a shot to knock her out not once, but twice and fails. He reveals to Julian he his afraid to kill her. Killer Frost returns to Savatar and he points out that she has not lived up to her name and she needs to kill someone. Tracy learns the truth about why they are all after her and agrees to help them. Cecile tells Joe she loves him but he freezes (no pun intended). Barry tells him it’s time for her to know the truth, but Joe decides to break things off. The second after, Killer Frost abduct her and demands they exchange her for Tracy. Barry comes with a plan, but Killer Frost knows everything he is going to say and do, even the trap Cisco was hiding in to get her. They manage to get a sample of her blood before Savatar takes Killer Frost away. Joe tells Cecile he loves her and reveals everything. As Joe recounts how it went, Barry starts putting the pieces together and discovers who is Savatar. He leaves seeking him and reveals he has discovered his identity and how he his always 10 steps ahead. Savatar removes the armor to reveal himself and confirm Barry’s theory.

What? You did not think I would reveal it to all of you ! Go watch the episode !!

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