Supernatural: Wayward Sisters Review

Earlier last year it was announced that The CW would attempt a second spin-off to its popular flag series Supernatural. Fans were skeptical, considering the previous one, Bloodlines was not as much a success as The CW would have wanted. However this incarnation was different. The possible spin-off would star characters from Supernatural’s rich history instead of new characters created just for a spin-off. The wait is over, on January 18th we finally saw the possible spin-off back door pilot.

The spin-off series, called Wayward Sisters, stars Kim Rhodes. Fans of Supernatural know her as Sheriff Jody Mills, who has been on and off the series since Season 5. She is also one of the most popular characters that is still alive on the show. She was joined by fellow Sheriff Donna Hanscum played by Briana Buckmaster. Claire Novak played by Kathryn Newton also returns followed by Alex Jones played by Katherine Randeen, Patience Turner played by Clark Backo and Yadira Guevara-Prip as Kaia Nieves introduced in the previous episode of Supernatural as a dream catcher.

The episode begins with Claire helping a helpless girl trapped with Werewolves. She receives a call from Jody asking her to come home because Sam and Dean has been missing for a few days. She returns home and is introduced to Patience, who later reveals she saw her being killed. Claire ignores the warning, much to Jody’s dismay. The only clue they have is the voicemail the boys left Jody and the name Kaia Nieves. She is later brought in as a Jane Doe and finds herself in trouble when a disgusting looking monster attacks her. Claire and Jody kill it. Kaia then explains that she accidently sent Dean and Sam to the bad place and those monsters are coming from there, meaning the portal is still open.

Patience gets another premonition that the girls will be attacked, and when it does happen, Claire is shaken by it more then she lets on. They find the boat where the portal is open and continue battling those disfigured monsters. On the other side of the portal, Dean and Sam are stuck in a freaky universe and are not aware that the portal is still open. They are kidnapped by a skilled ninja women and attached to a pole, assuming she is giving dinner to a much larger monster.

At the portal, Claire and Patience cross over. They save Sam and Dean but Kaia is killed. Back home Claire blames herself for not protecting Kaia like she promised. Feeling now that her life can end at any moment, she decides to stay with Jody and the rest of the girls.

The portal opens somewhere else and someone comes out of it. And no, I won’t spoil who it is, you will just have to watch it.


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