General Hospital: All About Ava

General Hospital took a break off all the drama around Port Charles this Wednesday, and focused the entire episode to Ava Jerome (played by the very talented Maura West). Producers of the show promised that anyone from Ava’s past could pop up during the episode and boy did they do so. The story revolves around Ava getting the last of her burn scars removed, and tying that idea to a new start in life. She wants to start over and tired of people throwing her past in her face. So before the surgery she goes to see Sonny and Carly and ask to see Avery, in case something happened during the surgery. For people not aware, Ava killed Sonny’s fiancée Connie (then played by Kelly Sullivan) in cold blood. She was able to avoid prison because the only proof the police had got lost. Also she switched Morgan’s (played by Bryan Craig) medication and this resulted in him getting angry at Julian Jerome and he went after him, however a car bomb destined for Julian killed him instead. So Ava ask the favor and gets rips to shreds for having the audacity to ask them anything. Hurt she goes to the hospital, determined to prove to the world that she has changed.

Shortly after she is sedated, Ava awakes to her daughter Kiki and boyfriend Griffin that tell her the surgery went super well. They are now at home and he removes with her the bandages and she is perfect. She is happy and decides to go out and celebrate, and the Metro Court, where Carly as told her many times she was not welcomed. She receives an anonymous text stating they know what she did. She then sees a girl in her twenties and she seems familiar so he follows her to the ladies bathroom, only to see it empty. Carly walks in, angry that she is there. The two spat and Ava tells her that she will not be held responsible for the bomb her sister planted ever again, she was not responsible for his death and she storms out. She bumps into an angry Laura that tells her she betrayed Nikolas and Spencer for a perfect face. She sees quite a few times the mystery women during the episode, and bumps into Nina (played by the wonderful Michelle Stafford) and accuses her of sending the disturbing text. Nina says when she kidnapped her daughter all those years ago she had a mental breakdown and now does not even think about Ava anymore and storms away.  She meets with Franco who is doing a self-portrait and she does not like it. She demands he removes the darkness around her face. Back home there is a knock on the door, she opens and nearly faints at the view of Morgan, alive and well.

So he explains that after the explosion he was in a coma of some kind. He lost his hand in the explosion and does not want Ava to call anyone because he thinks somebody is trying to kill him. Ava tells Morgan he should reveal to everyone at same time and decides he will do so at Ava’s gallery event. However she needs to invite Carly and Sonny to the event. Morgan points out they hate her and that would never happen. Determined, she goes to them and pleads with them to come to the show. They agree after saying no way for about 10 minutes. With all in place, everyone there she ask Carly and Sonny to come with her in the back to see something special. They won’t budge so she blurts out Morgan is alive, and everyone looks at her in shock, as if she was losing it. She calls out Morgan to come out, but he does not. However someone does come out of the shadows…

A bloody Connie (played by the original actress Megan Ward) confronts Ava for killing her for no reason. Everyone takes a turn and tells Ava how horrible she is. Then everyone vanishes except for the girl that Ava kept saying. She reveals she is her daughter Avery and tells her she hates her as well. She tells her that a new face won’t erase her past because she is unable to own it. She lies and deflects.

The episode ends with her awake, with Griffin removing the band aid on her face. They still go the Metro Court this time Sonny ask her to leave, she refuses and goes to the bar. Without ordering she is served her favorite drink and the waitress, who was revealed to a be a future aged up Avery, responds with a “we know who you are Mrs Jerome and the episode ends with a shocked Ava.

I must say I loved the episode, the main reason was because of Maura West. She was spectacular, every line, every look and every emotion. What I dislike, and I am glad Ava said so, is what makes her different then Sonny or anyone that was there at the gallery. Franco gets a do over, Nina got one, Kiki messed with medication also that endangered Avery, Carly as lied and slept her way all over Port Charles, Laura murdered someone and all of them are pardoned and allowed to live normal lives but she is denied that. This has been making me mad for years.  



What did you guys think of the episode ?

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