Rizzoli & Isles | Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

The episode begins with a women running for her life in the woods. She falls and his stabbed. A nearby person hears it and scares the killer away. The man carries the women to a nearby spa, where Jane and Maura are by chance there resting. The women is DOA however Maura realizes she is pregnant and that the baby is still alive. They successfully deliver the baby. At first the husband is a suspect, but he seemed surprised to hear that his wife was pregnant. Their investigation brings them to a fertility clinic but nobody seems to recognize the dead women. Things get complicated when they discover she was a surrogate, they meet with the adoptive parents, who were told she miscarried sometime ago. The DNA test confirms that its their baby. Then another couple takes claim to same baby and they discover that the fertility doctor was also operating a adoption agency. They quickly discover the scheme and that the nurse from the fertility clinic was faking her pregnancy so she could claim that baby for her own.

Rizzoli & Isles

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