General Hospital return wish list

With General Hospital, hopefully, returning soon with new episodes, we have a few wishes for the new episodes. Here are out thoughts on the matter:

New opening

Let’s face it. Nothing beats the opening of the 90’s, ever since GH has tried a few variations and literally failed in creating a good opening. We need that music back, a music that inspired a generation of fans, and we need an updated credit opening, a real soap opera opening. A GH fans, why don’t you guys come up with a few I can post here 🙂

Legacy characters return

We reported that there were rumors that Vanessa Marcil might return as Brenda. But we are also looking at other major characters or their actors return. We need too have Lucky back and Emily’s twin sister Rebecca also. Why not a new role for Stuart Damon, who has played Doctor Quartermaine for decades. Why not have Stephen Nichols and Mary-Beth Evans back as Stefan and Katherine. My top favorite would be the return of Claudia Zacchara, back from the dead, ready to take down Sonny. Obviously would love for her to be played by Sarah Brown, but doubt it after the way she was let go last time. Also, bring back Skye Quartermaine. She is missed.

Bring back Morgan Corinthos

Is death left a loophole. No body. I am so over Ava being blamed. I don’t believe for a second he his dead, and don’t believe he was bi-polar. What if his doctor, that criminal that played with peoples memories, did something to Morgan? I think it would be awesome if Ava was the one that found him and the truth, so they can finally reunite!

Enough with NELLE !

At first, it was fun to see Nelle manipulate Carly and Sonny. But it’s not fun anymore, her reasons for doing it make no sense and this character will never be able to be redeemed. Nelle will be killed like any predictable ending for such a character. I hated the baby switch storyline. I hated that Brad became this bad guy and now she is married to Julian Jerome ? Really? Bring that story to a close. Or twist it a little to make it watchable. But really, enough with NELLE !!!

What are your return wishes ?

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