The Closer | Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Brenda is forced to interrupt a former DA and current congresswomen to announce that her daughter was raped and murdered. The congresswomen insist on getting information during the investigation, that makes it awkward. While visiting the victims house, Brenda is brutally attacked and almost raped by a man wearing a leather mask. He later reveals that he was responding to a sex ad that said the victim wanted to be raped. The first suspect’s blood was not a match. They finally find the man that raped her, who tells them he followed what the ad said, but was surprised when she went hysterical and fought back. He pushed her and she fell and hit her head and died. Brenda goes back and searches the wanted ads again and calls back the ex-boyfriend. Turns out the victim did not post that ad. He admits he just wanted her to see what pain was but not wanting her dead. However he his unable to give her the key, there is only two copies of the key, to her. In the ad, its written where to find said key, making this a murder.

The Closer

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