The Closer | Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Warning: This article contains spoilers from a recent episode.

When a reputed psychiatrist is murdered, Brenda must discover who had motive to kill him. She discovers he was working with a pharmaceutical company on a drug that would, in theory, calm violent urges and drug use in teenagers. They learn during the investigation that one of the trial teens died from the drug and the case was thrown out of court, giving the parents the perfect reason to want him dead. However the more she learns about the trial, the more she thinks that someone wanted to make sure the doctor did not stop the trials from continuing. Lieutenant Flynn questions her on why they are not allowed to have access to the files that are right there in the office where the doctor was murdered and suggest he contact a judge to gain access to them. Brenda flatly refuses and this prompts him to go over her head and ask Pope about it. Pope advised him its all in the way to approach Brenda and advises him to fill the paper work. She later makes clear to him that she is not willing to wait months for a judge to decide what files are relevant or not and does not appreciate being back stabbed. Angry he goes back to Pope who lets it slip that she is more cautious about ethics, since she was investigated a few years earlier by the Ethics comite. Flynn informs the others who are also interested in finding out what it is all about. Flynn crosses the line and contacts a reporter about it, who publishes an article about her the following day. Pope makes clear to Flynn if he does this again, he will be fired. Leaving Brenda in the dark on who leaked the information. She discovers that it was the doctors partner that killed him, to stop him from reporting he was sleeping and seducing young teenagers.

The Closer

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