The Closer | Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Warning: This article contains spoilers from a recent episode.

Brenda investigates the murder of three gang members that come from the East Side Catorces. She quickly realizes, when she meets a retired vet at the scene of the crime, that the shots were too precise to be a gang related shooting, but they are in fact looking for a sniper. The man reveals very little at first, suggesting that the sniper is his son. In order to help her, he wants the list of all potential victims from the East Side gang. She agree’s but soon realizes that he was lying. Confronted by the fact she just gave him the location of every single victim, she angrily demands answers on why he his helping his son kill gang members. He claims that he wants to find him himself and make him see reason, she does not believe him. He reveals that his son’s wife was killed by a bullet that was shot during a gang war with the East Side Catorces, she was at the wrong place and the wrong time and he never really recovered from that. Since the police did not bring any results, his son decided to take matters in his own hands. He points to the likely next victim. For the first time, Brenda and Taylor work together and form a strike unit to capture the sniper before he kills again. Suspecting that he might be lying, her and Fritz follow the father heading for another location, they almost realize too late it’s to another address she gave the sniper’s father. When they arrive on the scene, the sniper is ready to shoot his victim. She demands he stands down and demands he not turn around. When it is clear that he was about to shoot Brenda, someone shoots him dead. Angry Brenda calls out to the father to come out from hiding, knowing he was the one that shot his own son to save her life.


The Closer

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