Teen Wolf | Season 5 | Episode 5 Review

Stiles is attacked just like Theo wanted, but during the stuggle Donavan is stabbed with a metal bar across the chest. Stiles goes to leave him there but his phone vibrates and realized he has it. He retrieves it and runs out to his car, truly traumatized by what happened. He sees the police go into the school and then they come out reporting nothing out of the ordinary. Shocked Stiles returns and see’s no bodies. He does see blood that was not wiped properly. At the same time Scott realizes that all the bodies disappear. We then see Parrish carrying the bodies to that old tree from last season. In the meantime Scott, Kira, Stiles and Lydia go to the insane asylum to visit the author of the book Malia found in Tracy’s room. However it seems that The Doctors were aware and somehow activates Kira’s power that drains the building of the protective magic that it possessed. The author is then murdered, with everyone barely escaping with their lives.

Teen Wolf