Teen Wolf | Season 5 | Episode 3 & 4 Review

The episode begins with the teenager that threatened the Sheriff being transferred to prison. His lawyer, who happens to be Tracy’s father, tells him that a plea bargain was available that would make him serve less time. The teenage screams and makes a scene in the police department threatening yet again the Sheriff.  Stiles mocks him and he escorted out to the police van. In the van, the lawyer notices the odd behavior of the driver that seems to be losing the ability to move. Thinking it’s a heart attack they attempt to stir the vehicle to safety.  When they finally stop they hear noise on the roof and are immediately attacked. The lawyer is horrified to see it’s his daughter and his later murdered by her. The teenager manages to escape only to be found by the masked scientist who begin to drill a hole in his head. Later Scott finds him afraid and shaken by the murders but advises them it was Tracy. The gang realize they have to stop her and also realize she goes after the people that has helped her in the past. Lydia worries that might be her mom. They find her at school the next day and she collapses. They bring her to the vet clinic and they realize too late that she could stun them and also able to get out of a mystical shield that cannot be overcome by an supernatural being. Malia is the first to recover and goes after Tracy, who knows where Lydia’s mother is. A great battle occurs and Lydia is injured. Malia manages to wake Tracy up, but the strange men retains her and kills Tracy. The gang realizes that who ever is behind the latest threat are creating these new monsters, the latest being a scorpion mixed in with a Scorpion. Lydia while in surgery see’s the masked people Malia was talking about. Theo meets up with the teen with a grudge against the Sherriff and proposes that he goes after Stiles with his new found powers.

Teen Wolf