Teen Wolf | Season 3 Episode 7 review

Danny is brought to the hospital by one of the Alpha Twins and Scott’s mother as to do a medical procedure cause both doctors what were to be at the hospital that night had been kidnapped. In another rule of three, three healers were kidnapped, including Scott’s boss. They call upon Lydia to attempt to find him, she advises them that Danny knows more. Stiles finds a research paper that he did that talk about some type of beacon and currents. They intersect with every sacrifice so far. Scott tells Stiles that its time that the Sheriff know the truth. Derek’s team attempt to get the upper hand but the teacher Derek as be-friended is taken and he must fight with the female Alpha. However, in a turn of events, they make Derek accidently kill Boyd. With his dying breath he tells him how Erika died. Scott attempts to save his boss but a force field prevents him from reaching him. Stiles dad intervenes and they both save the day. In the process, Scott becomes a true Alpha and realizes that Deucalion is after him, not Derek.

Teen Wolf