Teen Wolf | Season 3 | Episode 12 Review

Allson, Scott and Ethan are stopped by Scott’s father when he discovers the impressive arsenal the Argent’s have. Jennifer attacks the Alpha’s and manages to kill them. Lydia and Cora notice that the twins are still alive and bring them to Scott’s boss. Derek who was about to leave town with Cora, hear her scream and comes back. Jennifer ask Derek to be her guardian and she will kill Deucalion and tell him where the parents are. She says the solar eclipse will render the Werewolves powerless and that will be her chance to kill him. Scott manages to break the barrier that Jennifer erected and becomes an Alpha. He tells her to either stop the storm or he will kill her himself. However Deucalion kills her right away. She manages to reach the tree that saved her once before only to be stopped by Peter, who we learn had a master plan, his plan to regain the Alpha power. He kills her once and for all.

Teen Wolf