Teen Wolf | Season 2 episodes 11 & 12  review

As the season 2 comes to an end, the true motives of everyone involved is revealed. Fearing that the control over his daughter was too much, Allison’s father releases Erika and the other Vampire and decides to help Scott save Jackson. The battle begins and in an expected turn, Jackson is ordered to hold Allison by the throat. Scott reveals he knows what Gerard’s real plan was all along, he had cancer and wanted to become an Alpha Werewolf. However, Scott had been switching is medication to make sure that when he was bitten, he would not turn nor survive. Lydia gets thru to Jackson who is later stabbed by both Paul and Derek and dies. However Jackson awakens, becoming a Werewolf like he always wanted. Allison advises Scott that she is leaving him. And a new pack of Alpha’s are already in town.

Teen Wolf