Teen Wolf | Season 4 | Episode 1 to 7

This season we are presented with a new bad guy called “The Benefactor”. He hires assassins to get rid of supernatural beings. Lydia discovers the first cypher, the password being “Allison”. They discover the hit list and value attributed to each. The first few kills are done by a group called “The Orphans” who manages to kill a few on their hit list. During this time, Scott has turned an innocent teenage boy in order to protect him. The problem he has anger issues. The gang attempts to help him come to grips with his new powers, but their method might be a little questionable. The gang also rescues a teenage Derek, who was brought to that age because he trusted Kate back then. Kate is looking for ways to control the monster she has become. While fighting off the Beserks, a super strong version of a Werewolf, he reverts back to his adult self. He realizes in the course of the few episodes that he his losing is senses; his eye color is also different. One of the assassins creates a virus that kills supernatural beings. Scott, Kira and Malia are affected. Dr. Deaton and Melissa find what can be the cure and sends a message to Stiles thru Scott’s father. The gang is rescued just in time. This entire time nobody as told Malia about Peter being her father, and at the end of Episode 7, she discovers the secret.

Teen Wolf