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Lucy brings the girl she kidnapped, named Jules (Amanda Fix), to a friend to help her determine what she knows. The friend, an expert in psychological analysis, tries various methods to jog Jules’s memory. Jules claims to have lost her memories after both her biological parents died when she was 15 years old. She recounts a hazy memory of a car accident, but details are elusive, like a dream slipping away upon waking. Lucy attempts to explain to Jules that they are clones, created from the same genetic material, making them identical. However, Jules is incredulous, dismissing Lucy’s claims as the ramblings of a deranged woman. She argues vehemently that she has always been a unique individual with her own identity.

Tension escalates as Lucy grows more insistent, but Jules’s skepticism only hardens. During a particularly heated exchange, Jules seizes an opportunity to escape. She stabs Lucy in the shoulder. Lucy collapses, clutching her wound, as Jules flees the scene, heart pounding, instincts kicking in for survival. She makes her way back to the only place that feels somewhat familiar—home.

Jack demands the truth, so Lucy leads Jack to an abandoned lab on the outskirts of town, a place she barely remembers but instinctively knows. It is the very lab she escaped from two years ago. . She explains to Jack that she was artificially created there. Her lack of memories is not due to trauma but because she never truly existed as a human being with a past.

Meanwhile, Dr. Manning receives a visit from her uncle Felix (special guest star Jordan Gavaris). Felix, a charismatic yet shady character, suggests a night out to discuss her troubles. At a dimly lit bar, amidst the clinking of glasses and murmur of conversations, Dr. Manning confides in Felix about a challenging experiment she’s conducting.

At the same time, we meet Dr. Manning’s son, Lucas (Jaeden Noel). Lucas is perceptive and has noticed changes in his mother’s behavior. He confides in Felix that something feels off about her. Despite his efforts to get her to open up, she remains closed off, hiding her struggles behind a façade of normalcy.

Elsewhere, Tom (Reed Diamond) brings Emily, a member of the security team at the Darros Foundation, to meet Paul (James Hiroyuki Liao), the enigmatic founder. Paul, a man of few words but immense authority, agrees that retrieving Jules is of utmost importance. He authorizes the use of any means necessary, emphasizing the high stakes and the lengths they will go to ensure Jules’s return.

Back at Jules’s home, it becomes clear that her family life is far from perfect. She has a strained relationship with her adoptive father, James (Adam Kenneth Wilson). Jules overhears a tense conversation between James and her adoptive mother, Neva (Alex Castillo). James confesses that he never fully agreed to the adoption and that he feels alienated by Jules’s refusal to call him “Dad.” This revelation is a bitter pill for Jules, compounding her sense of isolation and abandonment.

In a moment of desperation, Jules calls her grandfather, seeking solace. He recounts the story of the accident that supposedly took her parents’ lives, but there are inconsistencies in his tale.

We learn that the grand-father is just another employee of Darros.

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