This is us | Season 1 | Episode 2 Recap

In this episode Beth questions why her husband needs to badly to connect to his biological father. She even questions his motives and feels horrible when he reveals that he leaves for 6 hours a day to go feed his cat. Kate and her new boyfriend connect and she is invited to an even where Kevin will make the most drastic change in his life. We also learn that Rebecca and Jack are stuggling with the three kids. Rebecca tells Jack she will not tolerate him as a drunk and to either fix it or leave. We encounter Jack’s friend Mark, who tells him pretty much the same. Jack vows he will stop drinking. At the end of the  episode the door rings at Randall’s house and the girls are excited to see grand-ma and grand-pa. William quickly leaves the room. We see Rebecca and … Mark come in the front door. Begging the question, what happened to Jack?

This is us