Teen Wolf | Season 5 | Episode 7 & 8 Review

Tired of losing against the Doctors Scott launches a plan to capture one. However, in the process turning Liam’s new found love to become the bait. Theo explains to Stiles that he heard what happened and also saw that the body vanished and since he did not say anything to Scott, he kept quiet. He assures Stiles that killing the latest victim was for their own protection so technically not murder. Kira’s mother attacks Kira at school and forces Kira to accept that she is losing control of her Fox Spirit. She bows out of the latest plan against the doctors because she believes they will use her again to forward her agenda. At the school each one of them are believed to being killed, Lydia with her tongue pulled out, Malia with a metal rod in her throat and Scott being murdered by Kira. Scott’s mom finds a dead woman in her kitchen with Kira’s sword. The Sheriff refuses to let it go and calls it in, and as Kira arrested for murder. Determined to not lose another body, the Sheriff appoints the entire force to guard the Morgue. However, Parrish again manages to leave with the body. This time he leaves a clue that Stiles finds and confront Lydia about it. Kira realizes that she has been compromised since the day she came back and her and her family decide to leave town in order for her to sort thru what she is going thru. Kira and Scott tearfully say goodbye. Theo seemingly saves Liam and his girlfriend. Scoring points with Scott.

Teen Wolf