Law & Order SVU | Season 10 | Episode 21 recap

In the 21st episode of the 10th season of Law & Order: SVU, a woman calls 911 to advise that she had been raped and that the man needed medical attention. They discover that the man had specific instructions on how to do it and seemed to be sent by her. They later learn that the ex-boyfriend was a computer genius that always seems to find a way to move where she is. The judge in the case asks Stabler to do something for him. He explains that 30 years ago his son was abducted and the man responsible would let one family a year find the remains. He was the last. Stabler gets info, but turns out that it was a lie. The judge figured out that the man on trial was actually his son he lost 30 years ago. The judge faces charges for nearly beating the man who kidnapped him. 

Law & Order: SVU