The Closer | Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Warning: This article contains spoilers from a recent episode.

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In this emotional episode, Brenda investigates the murder of a high-priced Russian hooker who the client list contain pretty powerful people. Things get personal when one of Pope’s friends is on that list. Pope refuses to believe he would be involved and attempts to give him special privileges like meeting in his office, instead of the interrogation room like any other suspects. Brenda also clashes with Taylor again cause he considers a hookers death investigation a waste of time, and brings up the only reason anyone is interested is because of the client list. Her investigation crosses into a Federal investigation involving a powerful Russian mafia, specifically the son, Nick Kovla. When first interviewed he seems unbothered by the death of the girl and even tells Brenda that it’s a pain in the ass cause he needs to find another one. Later in the investigation, we learn his mother was also a prostitute and that makes him less than worthy in his family. The FBI constantly is giving him an alibi cause he is working to flip his old man and the entire organisation. They also learn that another call girl, Russian, was killed the same way six months earlier, this one was pregnant. Nick being the father of the child. However once again, the FBI gives Brenda a solid alibi for their star witness, forcing Brenda to take drastic measures. With the presence of the Kovla lawyer, she lets it slip that the FBI as provided him with solid alibi’s for the two murders and the length of time the meetings took. Nick panics and states he wants to confess but the lawyer reminds them that with the FBI providing an alibi they cannot convict Nick of murder, Brenda agree’s and let’s Nick leave. Knowing full well he will be killed for betraying the business. When Pope questions her, she answers she is not there to protect a murdered, but to bring justice to the victim. When Fritz realizes what Brenda as done, he decides that he needs to distance himself from her. Brenda buys the house of the high-priced Russian hooker and decides to settle in LA once and for all.

The Closer

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