Law & Order SVU | Season 11 | Episode 3 recap

In the 3rd episode of the 11th season of Law & Order: SVU, a boyfrinds comes home for a romantic evening only to find the bedroom was ransacked, full of blood and the girlfriend missing. The boyfriend points the finger at the downstairs neighbour that his girlfriend called a peeping tom. When Olivia and Stabler arrive to interrogate him, the man recognizes Stabler. He was the one that arrested him 20 years ago on a burglary charge. Convinced he is the one that did something to the girl, they investigate and follow him around. When the girl is found alive, they quickly realize that she was in a drug bender and faked everything. She is placed under arrest. Stabler decides to go see the man he accused to apologize, but believing he was going to be arrested, he pushes him off the roof. Stabler survives and ADA charges him with attempted murder. The man describes passing almost 14 years in solitary confinement and what it did to him. Stabler decides to test it out and goes almost crazy, believing he was there for months, the guard told him he was just there for three days as they had discussed. He asks the ADA to drop the charges, she refuses. He his sent back to the jail and again in solitary confinement. After a nasty run in between Stabler and the ADA, he his surprised to learn that the man would no longer be in confinement. 

Law & Order: SVU