Teen Wolf | Season 3 | Episodes 19 to 24

In the heartbreaking final episodes, all is on board to help Stiles, including both of Kira’s parents, Scott, Allison and her father, Issac, the Twins, Derek and Kira. They are all manipulated by the trickster. Paul and Lydia make a deal that if he helps her and Scott enter Stiles mind, she will reveal the name of his daughter. They manage to pull out the Trickster (he becomes a double of Stiles) and kidnaps Lydia. Kira’s mother explains that she created this monster and she needs to stop it. She is not convinced that Stiles can be saved. The Trickster takes control of the ninja’s and sends them to massacre the police station and the hospital. On her believed dying breathe, Melissa tells Scott’s father not to give up on him. Allison is killed in battle, but not in vain, since she discovers the weapon that kills the shadow ninjas. When the battle ends, one of the Twins is mortally wounded.

Teen Wolf