Supergirl Season 5 finale

Due to corona virus, some shows have been shortened. This is the case for Supergirl. The final episode of the season was not meant to serve as the finale, but it did very well with at least two cliff-hangers, that will keep is going bananas until January 2021.

The big bad this season was always the Leviathans, aliens that are gods on Planet Earth who have influenced many grand disasters in humans’ civilizations. They are self-proclaimed protectors of the humans, but their ways do not sit well with Supergirl and her sidekicks.

The real trouble begins after the eventful and life alternating Crisis episodes, when the new reality sat in and we discovered in horror that Lex had written himself a good guy in the eyes of the world. Now fighting two fronts, Supergirl must also deal with Lena betraying her and working with Lex.

Brainy is told by… another Brainy that if they wish to help the humans survive and stop the Leviathans, he must work with Lex Luthor. Unable to bring in is friends, he severs all ties with them and works for Lex.

Lex intends on releasing the mortality code into the systems of the Leviathan, removing them from being a threat, but only after they kill Supergirl. Being the last straw, Brainy decides to use another code, a code that will render them miniature. His plan backfires since he cannot breathe in the Leviathan ship. Once they are dealt with, Lex arrives and his angry with Brainy for ruining his plans.  With his few last breaths, he tells him that he would have never let him kill his friends. Luthor laughs and takes the tube with the mini-Leviathans and says that he now has everything he needs and laughs himself out of the room.

Will Brainy survive?  What will Lex’s mother do with the mini-Leviathans?

We will have to wait 2021 to find out.

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