Teen Wolf | Season 5 | Episode 1 Review

The season premiere begins a few months in the future where we see that Lydia is in a mental facility, the same one we saw at the end of Season 4 where Peter was forced into. She seems to wake up from our catonic state screaming like a banshee. She manages to escape, with super ninja moves and runs into and old familiar face when she crashes. One of the twins from last season. He seemingly tells her treatment is not over. She then says that she needs to warn her friends, that they will all die… Stiles stresses over life after high school. Parrish is frustrated for being reduced to desk duties. The Sheriff gives him a noise report claim that ends up being a lot worse then that for him. A new type of Werewolf attacks him and demands the whereabouts of Scott. He his left for dead. A teen that is arrested threatens the Sherriff. Parrish manages to survive his deadly wounds by thinking of Lydia. Kira and Scott reunite after months apart. Scott and the rest of the gang is attacked by this super werewolf that attacked Parrish. Someone new comes to the rescue of Scott and claims to be an old childhood friend called Theo. Stiles immediately is suspicious while the others not so much. After a few hours of not knowing, Malia learns that she graduated. They all take part of a tradition to sign their names on a particular shelf in the library. A mention of past cast like Alison and Derek. The gang all leave high school together. The super werewolf returns to his boss, weird looking scentist in creepy masks tell him he failed and kills him on the spot. Lydia realizes in the flash in the future that she is not speaking with Aidan. It’s the doctor in charge that is questioning her. We see flash backs of future events that currently make no sense. We see a naked (yummy) Parrish coming out of a fire. And see Mila’s first tightening reunion with her birth mother. We see the doctor attempt to drill a hole in Lydia’s skull.

Teen Wolf