Teen Wolf | Season 5 | Episode 2 Review

The episode begins with a teenager called Tracy that is having night terrors. After talking to Lydia’s mother, she vomits a black substance with feathers inside. Stiles is still suspicious of Theo and breaks in the administration office and gets a copy of Theo’s application. He compares the signature with a speeding ticket Theo’s father signed for eight years ago and notices they are not the same. Even with that, the gang still can’t see anything wrong with him. Stiles and Liam decide to follow him but realizes too late that they were interrupting an intimate moment. Liam falls into a whole dug in the ground. Tracy continues to have hallucinations well into the waking hours. Lydia decides that Parrish might be able to help her. He offers to stand guard and Lydia offers to bring coffee. None of them notice Tracy leaving the house. Theo is upset at his fake parents that they did not practice the signatures enough. He then says its hard to have the same signature with a broken hand and proceeds to break the man’s hand. The we see Tracy being turned into a creature.

Teen Wolf