Teen Wolf | Season 3 | Episode 11 Review

Derek and Stiles manage to escape the hospital, Derek with Cora and Stiles stayed behind to throw off the police. A certain FBI agent that Stiles does not see happy to see comes and questions him about his father. He accuses him on being on some kind of a bender, something that Stiles says is not true. Stiles, Allison, Ethan and Allison’s father discover where they might be held and he send Stiles to look for Lydia. They return to the bank vault where he tazers Issac  and handcuffs Allison. Becoming the third victim of Jennifer’s sacrifice. When Stiles finds out he goes in a full blown panic attack. Lydia manages to calm him down by kissing him. The guidance counselor is circled by the Alpha pack and manages to tell Scott another lie Deucalion as said. She tells him where to find the three parents. Lydia goes to Derek who reveals that their mother erased the memory of where the location years ago to protect them. In a last ditch effort to find out where the location is, Scott’s boss proposes to temporarily kill them and revive them if it works. As they all climb into their frozen grave, Allison, Stiles and Scott must replace the sacrificed people in order to save them. Stiles informs Scott that his father is in town, the father being the FBI agent from the beginning of the episode.

Teen Wolf